whatsapp manager

Unrestricted Communication

Unlock a new world of possibilities with a manager by your side and break free from WhatsApp’s limitations. With access to an array of additional features, you can completely transform your experience with the app.


ChatMax enables your entire team to act as agents under a single number, streamlining all customer support and centralizing assistance.


Provide automated pre-services to every department effortlessly, without requiring any knowledge of coding.

24/7 support

ChatMax robots provide round-the-clock support, ensuring that no customer query goes unanswered even when your team is offline.


Gain a better and more organized understanding of your team’s performance by accessing multiple intuitive reports for visualization and analysis.


Organize your team’s conversations with thousands of customers by creating departments for streamlined communication.

And more...

Discover how our comprehensive range of resources can help you achieve your business goals and take your enterprise to new heights.

Familiarize yourself with all the practical resources and tools available!

Maximize your team’s productivity and boost your company’s results with an all-in-one solution.

Streamline all customer conversations onto a single platform and manage them efficiently with top-notch tools.

whatsapp manager

Boost your team's productivity

Leverage the top-notch tools available in the market to convert your conversations into successful conversions.



Let us handle it all for you! Simply specify the message content and the desired date of sending, and our platform will take care of the rest. Schedule campaigns and notifications without any worry of sending them manually.


Empower your team members to provide fast and efficient customer service with just one number by enabling them to transfer calls between agents and departments with a single click using this feature.



Enhance customer satisfaction by automating calls and providing 24-hour service using pre-programmed robots. Create and customize your chatbots with ease and simplicity in ChatMax to cater to your specific needs.


Your WhatsApp number

Use the safest conversation management platform on the market without having to change your company WhatsApp number.

At ChatMax, we use the Official WhatsApp API to ensure that your WhatsApp number is not at risk of being banned.

Make communication simpler

Eliminate the need for constantly switching platforms to respond to customers. By centralizing conversations in one place, your team can boost productivity and ensure that no messages go unanswered.

By consolidating all conversations onto a single platform, managing multiple customers simultaneously, and responding promptly, you can enhance customer satisfaction and improve your results.

24 hour service

Ensure that your customers never have to wait by implementing and customizing a chatbot for your company. With 24/7 availability, your customers can receive support and resolve issues even outside of your agents’ working hours.

Effective communication is the engine of all relationships. To ensure customer loyalty and a satisfactory lifetime value (LTV), provide personalized support and an exceptional after-sales experience.


See intuitive and insightful reports about the entire lifecycle of customers with the company, all their conversations, who served them, their needs and much more.

Maintain complete control over your company and monitor your agents’ conversations, including the number of ongoing conversations, peak hours, reasons for termination, and various other metrics.

Get a platform that represents your company's brand identity!

ChatMax offers a range of customizations that cater to various types of businesses.

Stop wasting time and start providing personalized and scalable support for your company today.

Configure and enable the most appropriate resources for your company in a way that suits your business, and enhance your service performance.

Receive alerts, notifications, confirmation messages, and receipts through our official APIs. For more information, please contact us.

Work with scalability, stability, and guaranteed security for healthy and rapid growth of your business.

Set up automatic out-of-office messages for when messages are received outside of business hours or during vacations.

Send text messages, files, images, videos, audios, and much more with the diverse range of possibilities that ChatMax offers.

Identify the channel accessed by your customer and provide support for users on WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, and more. All in one place with ChatMax.


Assign tags to each customer to categorize them based on their needs, interests, past purchases, reason for contact, reason for churn, and more.

With this feature, when an agent transfers a conversation to another team member, it becomes much easier to identify the current situation and devise a support strategy.

Fast answers

Create and configure chatbots to provide automated pre-attentive support and direct customers to the most qualified agent based on their needs.

Make instant messaging a part of your customer support toolkit and offer what customers are looking for today: personalized support with immediacy and conciseness for instant satisfaction.


Divide your team into departments and activate the option for personalized pre-attentive support based on specific needs, such as sales, support, finance, etc.

With this feature, even with multiple conversations with numerous customers, organization becomes a part of the company’s day-to-day operations, making it easier to manage the team and plan strategies.

Automated notifications

Enable automated notifications and reminders to strengthen the relationship with your customers.

With this feature, customers will always be close to the company, leading to recurrent consumption.


Frequently Asked Questions

With ChatMax, you have the option to add multiple agents, depending on the plan you select. Click here to discover the ideal plan for your present situation.

Indeed! ChatMax provides you with the finest tools to enhance your WhatsApp usage and manage your company.

To utilize the ChatMax platform with your number, you must possess a Facebook account, a CNPJ, and a website with your unique domain.

Certain measures must be taken to ensure that you encounter no issues and avoid being banned by WhatsApp for employing your number on a conversation management platform.

We have formulated a straightforward and user-friendly, step-by-step guide for this purpose. Click here to access it.

Rest easy! Our platform allows you to create auto-attendant bots in a simple and user-friendly manner, without requiring any knowledge of programming languages.

Yes, as per WhatsApp Business policies, the domain must belong to your company.

To use the platform and WhatsApp business, you must have a CNPJ.

Absolutely! You can use a dedicated number and access all the features of the ChatMax WhatsApp Manager.

Sure! All you have to do is upload a spreadsheet containing these contacts to the platform.

We do not engage in the sale of numbers; instead, we focus on providing the WhatsApp Manager and a variety of resources to enhance your service and drive better outcomes.

We have already furnished a few templates for you to evaluate your company’s conversations and metrics. However, you are at liberty to create your own templates to analyze specific data in a manner that suits you.

You can retain your existing customer number even when utilizing ChatMax with multiple attendants and other numerous features.

Often, companies may permit you to retain your number, but this may result in being banned from WhatsApp and losing your number.

At ChatMax, we distinguish ourselves! We employ the Official WhatsApp API, ensuring that you encounter no such issues. If you wish to learn more about the functioning of the API, click here.