WhatsApp Manager

Turn conversations into conversions

Our innovative and effective approach provides your company with a comprehensive solution to enhance customer service and satisfaction.

Make the most of this opportunity to boost your customers’ satisfaction and loyalty by providing what is in high demand today: a personalized and objective service that offers prompt responses.

Multiple Attendants on a Single Platform

How it works

Avoid wasting time by switching between different platforms to serve your customers. Consolidate all conversations in one place and enhance your team’s performance.

Centralize the service

Serve customers from multiple channels on a single platform with multiple agents.

Your WhatsApp number

We use the official WhatsApp API to ensure that you are not at risk of being banned from WhatsApp.

Don't keep customers waiting

Get your own customized chatbot for sending campaigns, round-the-clock service, and automated responses.

And more...

Impress your customers with a professional and efficient service that truly reflects your brand.


Frequently Asked Questions

With ChatMax, you have the option to add multiple agents, depending on the plan you select. Click here to discover the ideal plan for your present situation.

Indeed! ChatMax provides you with the finest tools to enhance your WhatsApp usage and manage your company.

You can retain your existing customer number even when utilizing ChatMax with multiple attendants and other numerous features.

Often, companies may permit you to retain your number, but this may result in being banned from WhatsApp and losing your number.

At ChatMax, we distinguish ourselves! We employ the Official WhatsApp API, ensuring that you encounter no such issues. If you wish to learn more about the functioning of the API, click here.

Rest easy! Our platform allows you to create auto-attendant bots in a simple and user-friendly manner, without requiring any knowledge of programming languages.

Yes, as per WhatsApp Business policies, the domain must belong to your company.

To use the platform and WhatsApp business, you must have a CNPJ.

Absolutely! You can use a dedicated number and access all the features of the ChatMax WhatsApp Manager.

Sure! All you have to do is upload a spreadsheet containing these contacts to the platform.

We do not engage in the sale of numbers; instead, we focus on providing the WhatsApp Manager and a variety of resources to enhance your service and drive better outcomes.

To utilize the ChatMax platform with your number, you must possess a Facebook account, a CNPJ, and a website with your unique domain.

Certain measures must be taken to ensure that you encounter no issues and avoid being banned by WhatsApp for employing your number on a conversation management platform.

We have formulated a straightforward and user-friendly, step-by-step guide for this purpose. Click here to access it.