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Communicate Like a Pro!

Maximize your customer service and increase sales with the most innovative platform available! 

Multiple Users

Streamline communication with multiple agents using a single WhatsApp number.

Smart Bot

Create your own chatbot and provide a personalized menu on WhatsApp to your customers.

Delight your Customers

Boost your team's productivity by handling multiple customer inquiries at once.

Several Features

Complete and official solution for managing customer service through multi-user WhatsApp communication.

Connect with Confidence


Break free from WhatsApp’s limitations and experience a revolutionary customer experience with ChatMax’s advanced features.

WhatsApp Official API

ChatMax is the most secure and reliable WhatsApp manager that leverages the Official WhatsApp API to provide you with automated messaging and seamless customer communication, without any risks involved.

Unlike other platforms, ChatMax allows you to use your Meta account-linked number, without being tied to any specific provider.

Enhance your customer's experience

Create conversation flows that engage. Get an exclusive, automated answering bot for your company, available 24/7.

Divide your team into teams according to their specific functions, so that your customer always finds what he’s looking for thanks for the departments.

Maximize your results!

Are you sending the same message to multiple customers? Struggling to direct customers to the right department? Need to track and monitor how your employees are serving? Got blocked from WhatsApp?

And more: additional conversational marketing tools that can take your business to the next level and help you improve your customer experience.

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Transform conversations into conversions

Optimize your support, power up your marketing and supercharge your sales. 

WhatsApp Multiple Users

Frequently Asked Questions

Communicate with your customers like a pro using the most powerful and reliable platform. Save time and be available 24/7.

ChatMax is a WhatsApp management platform that utilizes the Official WhatsApp API to help you efficiently serve multiple customers with enhanced organization and control.

ChatMax provides a range of resources that help automate your communication with customers and streamline the work of your attendants for optimal efficiency.

Centralize all your customer service on a single platform and manage multiple agents on a single WhatsApp number.

By utilizing the Official WhatsApp API, you can be assured that your number will remain intact and you will not be susceptible to getting banned from WhatsApp.

With ChatMax, your WhatsApp number is integrated into your Facebook account, freeing you from the need to rely on any WhatsApp management service provider.

Certainly! With ChatMax, you can streamline your team’s communication by allowing one or multiple agents to handle requests from a centralized location, resulting in greater efficiency for your team.